New song: The Prophet

Here’s a new song. More info about it below the video. What’s it all about? Anyone who’s dabbled in the domain known variously as religion, spirituality or belief knows that there can be a big disconnect between what you want to believe and what you understand is realistic or true. I’ve been there myself on … Read more

The Twilight Show compendium

Twilight sky

The Twilight Show series of videos started in 2020 as a version of the ‘tiny desk concert’ idea – a way to present an intimate, close-up version of a song with no fancy acting and no attempt to create excitement. This was, of course, during lockdown. The idea of tinting them blue and the ‘twilight’ … Read more

Film music exercise – the Scottish Parliament

Scottish Parliament Building (Creative Commons)

This is an exercise I was given by my guitar/composition tutor Ged Brockie. It was based on a piece of work he was commissioned to do for the opening of the Scottish Parliament building. He originally created an orchestrated version, then replaced that with a lighter, guitar-based composition. For this exercise we simply removed his … Read more

Interview by Helen St Helen

Screen shot from Helen St Helen interview

Earlier this week I took part in an interview with Helen St Helen, an online journalist based in Ohio, USA. She has a connection with Edinburgh and, consequently, with Scottish musicians. We covered how I started songwriting, various bands I’ve had and my songwriting ‘process’ if it can be called that. Helen’s site – Helen … Read more