“New old” song – Jerusalem Blues

Here’s a new Twilight Show song. Actually a very old song that I’ve never felt it was the right time to put out there. I wrote this song around 1987, about the time of the first Palestinian Intifada (uprising). I’ve sat on it since then. Partly because I couldn’t think of a good musical arrangement, … Read more

Saz who?

Cheap pun, I know. Following from my recent demo of an ‘interesting instrument’, the tongue drum, here’s another that I’ve literally dusted off recently, the ba─člama saz (pronounced similar to ‘balama’). I got it in Turkey many years ago and like some other instruments that have sat unused in my room for years I decided … Read more

Moving the last Roadblock

The other day I had an order from a Bandcamp customer for a couple of albums including Roadblock. Just getting an order of any kind is a morale booster, but this was special as it was the last CD copy of the Roadblock album, which I put out in 2008. I don’t know how many … Read more

Speaking of Tongues

What have I been doing other than Turn? Well, I’ve been doing some instrumental music, and the latest piece used the tongue drum that my wife gave me many years ago. I’ve only recently started taking it seriously and trying to get better at playing it. In this video I’ll let you hear what it … Read more

‘Turn’ review and airplay

Thanks to West Norfolk Radio, Felixstowe Radio, Coast and County Radio, Roots and Shoots, and various others for playing tracks. And to the Scottish Daily Express for these kind words:

Marketing the unmarketable

Vintage photo of two men reading newspaper around 1956

I’ve just come to the end of a campaign to launch my new album. I’m writing the story here in case it’s of use to anyone in a similar position – an older artist with a small audience who wants to promote an album. I’ve done two previous album launches since I got into the … Read more

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