Give ’em Smiles

Over the New Year period, when I was isolating with COVID, I heard this song in a dream, an actual performance by an elderly jazz singer with a band. When I woke up I remembered the chorus and one line of lyrics, plus the bizarre backing vocals and recorded a chorus on my phone. The … Read more

Lyric videos

I’ve done a couple of these. I don’t know whether they’re something people like – perhaps they’re interested in words or they can’t make them out. Sometimes I resisted it because songs aren’t poetry, and doing a lyric video may draw too much attention to the words rather than the ‘whole’. I don’t know. I’d … Read more

Heaven Sent album 2 – percussing

Suzy Cargill playing glockenspiel

A couple of snippets from two days of recording percussion and electric guitars for our second album. Going like clappers Suzy, Fi and me adding handclaps to She Wants Out. (If you know the song you can sing along in your head.) This scene was from a level check and I’ve grafted it onto a … Read more

Heaven Sent album 2 – the adventure begins!

Last weekend the Heaven Sent convened in Falkirk with Jennifer Ellen Clark at her home studio. We’ve known Jen for a while as the producer of Liz Jones and Broken Windows, and she’d always liked our live act so we’ve wanted to do this for some time. Over the last few weeks we’ve rehearsed far … Read more

Mulling over Kintyre

Last weekend was without doubt one of the most enjoyable musical experiences of my life. David Fee of Homesongs had arranged a series of four gigs for myself and Rosie Nimmo in the Kintyre peninsula. For him, this was a way of getting back to his first love – house concerts – after a long … Read more

Three acoustic cover versions

Cover of album Pierre de Grenoble by Gabriel and Marie Yacoub

Having a trawl through my archive vault deep underground, protected by fearsome robot warriors and smelling faintly of disinfectant, I came across this from The Village pub in Leith a couple of Christmases ago. Three quiet acoustic cover versions of songs I’d loved for a long time but never played until that night. The songs: … Read more