Miller’s Lake

Here’s a new song. This one started life as a poem, some time before COVID. I had a daily practice of writing a couple of pages before breakfast, most of it rubbish, of course. One morning this just wrote itself; I was quite astonished. A year or so later I asked Gerry Callaghan if he … Read more

“New old” song – Jerusalem Blues

Here’s a new Twilight Show song. Actually a very old song that I’ve never felt it was the right time to put out there. I wrote this song around 1987, about the time of the first Palestinian Intifada (uprising). I’ve sat on it since then. Partly because I couldn’t think of a good musical arrangement, … Read more

Saz who?

Cheap pun, I know. Following from my recent demo of an ‘interesting instrument’, the tongue drum, here’s another that I’ve literally dusted off recently, the ba─člama saz (pronounced similar to ‘balama’). I got it in Turkey many years ago and like some other instruments that have sat unused in my room for years I decided … Read more

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