(Only) the Sea

Inspired by the book The Strange Voyage of Donald Crowhurst, by Buddhist ideas of impermanence, and by reading the diaries of a friend’s sea voyage (NL). Seven days or maybe nineGroundless rumours, heavy wine Foreign words in a foreign climeThis time yesterday, local time Music in snatches, like rags on a treeBarely remembered, only the … Read more


He understands the language of birdsong. He knows each fluted warningIs a territorial borderEach hopped perchAn outpost invisible but audible. When sparrows chirpThey are singing barbed wireAnd checkpointsMirror shades, boots and The low-slung rifle. And because he understandsAnd is a law-abiding typeHe avoids the finches’ treeSwerves the sparrows’ fortressRespects all diplomatic nicetiesAnd does not violate … Read more

Welcome to the SPL

No, I’m not talking about the Scottish Premier League. I’m talking about the Scottish Poetry Library , which is running a campaign to gather haiku about love for Valentines day. There’s also a workshop on Saturday afternoon about haiku which I’d love to go to but don’t think I’ll be able to.

I sent a couple of haiku. Here’s one:

She touched my knee
And went on talking
About …. ?

There’s a concise description at SPL of what a haiku should be, which I’ve reproduced below.

The Scottish Premier League, that’s another story.

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