He understands the language of birdsong. He knows each fluted warningIs a territorial borderEach hopped perchAn outpost invisible but audible. When sparrows chirpThey are singing barbed wireAnd checkpointsMirror shades, boots and The low-slung rifle. And because he understandsAnd is a law-abiding typeHe avoids the finches’ treeSwerves the sparrows’ fortressRespects all diplomatic nicetiesAnd does not violate … Read more Birdsong

23/3/07 OOTB 250

Last night saw Out of the Bedroom’s 250th night. Due to a power cut in the Canon’s Gait basement (but strangely not upstairs) it was hurriedly redesigned to an all-acoustic affair with a swift one-song turnaround, and pretty damn good at that. Even as a restless audient I enjoyed the 20 or so performers who … Read more 23/3/07 OOTB 250


Now this is the kind of company I want to keep: Playlist from last Saturday’s Acoustic Alternative on Argyll FM:   Just as the Tide was Flowing – 10,000 Maniacs Canadee-i-o – Nic Jones Tombstone Blues – Marc Carroll I Specialise – Clive Gregson and Christine Collister Carrickfergus – 5 Hand Reel Nicole – Norman … Read more 6/3/07


Just before midday my neighbour asked if I could help with his PC, which was displaying the ‘blue screen of death’. Four hours, a sandwich, two cups of tea, several chocolate biscuits and a flying visit from Plague later, his PC was usable. There is no such thing as a quick bit of help with … Read more 5/3/2007