A busy but fairly controlled day where I packed into lunchtime the recording of a vocal track for the old song I’m working on using the following approach: set up mic, switch on, sing one verse as practice, sing the entire song once as take 1, sing it again as take 2, set up a … Read more 30/1/07


Most of the weekend spent on maintenance tasks – tidying, dealing with accumulated and neglected mail: the rest spent helping Plague with a website he is developing for a local charity. As usual a ‘quick job’ in CSS turns out to be an episode of gasping disbelief and the scouring of forums. I never learn. … Read more 28/1/06


A ‘quick job’ in the afternoon turned into a struggle as I stumbled across one of those Javascript techniques that works in Internet Explorer but not in Firefox. I found a way round that only to find I was getting an error message in both browsers from one page, while a seemingly identical page worked … Read more 25/1/07


Rereading some articles on the Guitar Craft site I was struck by this (from  A Preface to Guitar Craft by Robert Fripp):

We learn to distinguish between wanting and wishing. We may wish to be a musician, but want to be a rock star. A common
fallacy is wanting fame in order to have time and money to play real

This has been a recurrent fantasy during my life. It still appears, but recognised as a fantasy, not as an aspiration. At my age a certain amount of realism can be recognised. He goes on:

This is a mistake: we play the music we wish to play whenever we play
the music we wish to play. Large commercial success brings greater
limitations to the musical life than it brings freedoms. Management,
agency, record company, fellow group members, road managers and large
numbers of genuinely adoring fans, all look to the musician to continue
to supply something that they want for themselves. This is a
considerable pressure. Any movement by the musician to move outside
this framework of demands will be met with apathy, suspicion and even

Read more13/1/07