A busy but fairly controlled day where I packed into lunchtime the recording of a vocal track for the old song I’m working on using the following approach: set up mic, switch on, sing one verse as practice, sing the entire song once as take 1, sing it again as take 2, set up a … Read more 30/1/07


Most of the weekend spent on maintenance tasks – tidying, dealing with accumulated and neglected mail: the rest spent helping Plague with a website he is developing for a local charity. As usual a ‘quick job’ in CSS turns out to be an episode of gasping disbelief and the scouring of forums. I never learn. … Read more 28/1/06


A ‘quick job’ in the afternoon turned into a struggle as I stumbled across one of those Javascript techniques that works in Internet Explorer but not in Firefox. I found a way round that only to find I was getting an error message in both browsers from one page, while a seemingly identical page worked … Read more 25/1/07