I was going to go to the Listening Room tonight, but decided to stay in and work on the new website for the Queensferry Arts Festival and on Lindsay Sugden’s songs. There’s to be a ‘collaborations’ evening during February at Out ofthe Bedroom and we’re going to try putting together her songs and my WaveForms … Read more


A busy but fairly controlled day where I packed into lunchtime the recording of a vocal track for the old song I’m working on using the following approach: set up mic, switch on, sing one verse as practice, sing the entire song once as take 1, sing it again as take 2, set up a … Read more


Most of the weekend spent on maintenance tasks – tidying, dealing with accumulated and neglected mail: the rest spent helping Plague with a website he is developing for a local charity. As usual a ‘quick job’ in CSS turns out to be an episode of gasping disbelief and the scouring of forums. I never learn. … Read more


A ‘quick job’ in the afternoon turned into a struggle as I stumbled across one of those Javascript techniques that works in Internet Explorer but not in Firefox. I found a way round that only to find I was getting an error message in both browsers from one page, while a seemingly identical page worked … Read more

23/1/07 the download store

OK, I’m slowly getting my act together with regard to Fiction 2. As of today, there are previews of all the tracks on the Romantic Fiction 2 page, where you can also buy the CD for £4.00 plus postage. And there’s now a normanlamont.com store where you can download the tracks for 70p each!  This … Read more