19/01/07 RF2 is here!

At last – Romantic Fiction 2 is stalking the marketplace! You can buy the CD here, or wait for a couple of days and download the individual tracks. I’ve set that up but because I’m going to be away for the weekend I’ll wait till I get back to make sure the store software’s working … Read more


Rereading some articles on the Guitar Craft site I was struck by this (from  A Preface to Guitar Craft by Robert Fripp):

We learn to distinguish between wanting and wishing. We may wish to be a musician, but want to be a rock star. A common
fallacy is wanting fame in order to have time and money to play real

This has been a recurrent fantasy during my life. It still appears, but recognised as a fantasy, not as an aspiration. At my age a certain amount of realism can be recognised. He goes on:

This is a mistake: we play the music we wish to play whenever we play
the music we wish to play. Large commercial success brings greater
limitations to the musical life than it brings freedoms. Management,
agency, record company, fellow group members, road managers and large
numbers of genuinely adoring fans, all look to the musician to continue
to supply something that they want for themselves. This is a
considerable pressure. Any movement by the musician to move outside
this framework of demands will be met with apathy, suspicion and even

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21/09/06 the Innocents

It’s tempting to head this up ‘The End of Innocence’ or some such tosh but that would be cheap, wouldn’t it? Fact is I’ve decided the Innocents band should be laid to rest. The soul left the body some time ago – long before Mary left the group –  and it feels like it’s time … Read more

Welcome to the SPL

No, I’m not talking about the Scottish Premier League. I’m talking about the Scottish Poetry Library , which is running a campaign to gather haiku about love for Valentines day. There’s also a workshop on Saturday afternoon about haiku which I’d love to go to but don’t think I’ll be able to.

I sent a couple of haiku. Here’s one:

She touched my knee
And went on talking
About …. ?

There’s a concise description at SPL of what a haiku should be, which I’ve reproduced below.

The Scottish Premier League, that’s another story.

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A new song – If You Had Said

Strange – one minute I’m working on the OOTB site, then I pick up my guitar for a little relaxation. Looking through some lyics on the computer I find a set from May 2004 I don’t remember writing at all!

Before long I’ve got a sort of tune for it and I’ve just got to get it down before I forget it. Fortunately nobody is in. Quick recording, half improvised. And here it is in public, disfiguring marks and all. Just voice and guitar. In future I may layer stuff on it, but then people will probably say they preferred this version – so be it.  I hope you like it, it’s not my usual style.

If You Had Said

Download if_you_had_said.mp3

Lyrics below …

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Celtic Connections 2005

Norman Lamont and the Innocents will be playing the Open Stage at Celtic Connections, Glasgow  Royal Concert Hall on Tuesday 18th between  5 and 7.   This will be the ‘core unit’  as we don’t have a chance to rehearse with the Decibelles beforehand. I played there with Alison two years ago and it was a … Read more