Evolution of the Crow

Last week I launched my new single and video, Crow. Many thanks to those of you who bought it or commented. Crow has taken a long time to fly. For anyone interested in the process, here are a few snapshots from its childhood. Cale experiment 001 (2012) I had a few experiments on the go … Read more

You Wouldn’t Want To Be Me

Here’s a song I’d forgotten about, perhaps rightly so. This dates from the first Glasgow Songwriting Festival I attended in 2017, in Govanhill Baths. Findlay Napier, who organised it, recently asked participants to offer any examples of songs they wrote at the Festival. I was at a session led by country singer Jim Hunter, whose … Read more

Strings attached

I’ve been working on a new approach to one of my songs, scoring it for a string quartet. If I can get it right I’d like to do it for a few more. I’ve been supported and mentored in this by Ged Brockie, my guitar teacher; we spend as much time talking about composition as … Read more