Songstories #3 I Was Afraid (the last angsty rock song)

This is part of my campaign to share songs that have been kicking around for a long time. I’ve been working on this song, off and on, since 2004. I tried various arrangements, and tried it out with different bands, but it never quite lifted off. I rescued some of the previous arrangement from Cubase … Read moreSongstories #3 I Was Afraid (the last angsty rock song)

Songstories #2 All You Need To Know About Me

Here’s a brand new recording for a change. During most of 2013 I was doing a writing exercise that involved writing for five minutes before breakfast every morning –  any subject, any form.  Most of it, of course, was cack, but looking back at my notebooks this year I found quite a few useful bits … Read moreSongstories #2 All You Need To Know About Me

A new song – If You Had Said

Strange – one minute I’m working on the OOTB site, then I pick up my guitar for a little relaxation. Looking through some lyics on the computer I find a set from May 2004 I don’t remember writing at all!

Before long I’ve got a sort of tune for it and I’ve just got to get it down before I forget it. Fortunately nobody is in. Quick recording, half improvised. And here it is in public, disfiguring marks and all. Just voice and guitar. In future I may layer stuff on it, but then people will probably say they preferred this version – so be it.  I hope you like it, it’s not my usual style.

If You Had Said

Download if_you_had_said.mp3

Lyrics below …

Read moreA new song – If You Had Said