Cheer Up Japan

The title might seem a bit casual, but it looks like being a great night with local musicians like Lipsync for a Lullaby, Townhouse, Sam Barber and Japanese crafts, art and music. Japanese religion and art have been a formative influence on me all my life, so I'm pleased to be playing a short Waveforms … Read more

More Waveforms gigs

After an exciting gig at the Captains, I'm cooling down for two calming, but no less intense, Waveforms sets at St John's Church on Monday 23rd and Tuesday 24th at 9:30pm.  Same as before – candlelight, huge space, no charge, come and go as you please. And I'll endeavour to provide a soundscape worthy of … Read more

Waveforms – an album

As promised to The Plain People of Edinburgh and everyone else, a Waveforms album. Seven instrumentals, from ten minutes to less than a minute in length. Thanks to Reverbnation's new shop widget, it's available as a physical CD or downloads. The Plain People of Edinburgh: Got it out of your system now?  Will we get … Read more

Waveforms album sample

I’m in the process of turning my rehearsal recordings for the last WaveForms gig into an album. Here’s a taster. Necklace The Plain People of Edinburgh: When will you get over this need to set up drones then set up more drones on top of them? It’s like a murder scene in a bagpipe factory. … Read more

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