Turn album cover

Turn is here at last!

Turn is a BAND album!

It's taken a little bit longer than expected but finally the Heaven Sent's new album will be out around the end of May - but you can pre-order it NOW! This one's a band album, arranged by the band over the last couple of years. It ranges from the pure pop of She Wants Out and Nothing Through the Rain through the gypsy/opera of A Careless Blow and the dark near-prog The Right Thing to the exuberant rock of Turn and Living Water.

Why a 'band' album? (expands)

My previous albums have all been on a songwriter basis - starting from an acoustic song and overdubbing a few instruments to enhance it.  In Turn the band - James, Fi and Suzy - have been integral to the arrangements. I'd come with a song and say 'what do we do with this?' and take it from there. In the studio we recorded the basic - guitars bass and drums - live, and it has has that live energy!


Why pre-order? Well, you'll be the first to get the album dropping through your letterbox and you'll get lots of extras - see below!


First of all – the CD!

  • a limited edition of 100. You should receive yours some time in early May
  • hand-drawn artwork by Indonesian artist Masrofik (not AI!)
  • eco-friendly digipack,  full lyric book and some more calligraphy
  • the back will have credits and a special named thank-you to everyone who pre-orders in the first two weeks – and we’ll sign it for you for the personal touch!
  • order the CD and shortly after release you’ll get a link to WAV and mp3 downloads of the album
  •  £10 off tickets to the launch gig which will be in Edinburgh sometime in May

Also - 'Turn' artwork!

Calligraphy of lyrics of song 'Turn' by Jacey Peake

I'm really excited by the calligraphy I've got for this album. As well as Masrofik's title image, here's Jacey Peake's image of the lyrics of the song 'Turn', representing the world. 

Advice to all the world unbidden, turn, turn turn
Strange design with key facts hidden, turn, turn, turn.

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