After the flurry of activity to get the new CD finished, it’s waiting time as the packaging is printed and copied. Strange to have mental permission to do nothing about it. Have even been sitting in front of the telly. Highlight: Annie Lennox’s impassioned speech at the Murrayfield Live8 show. Pestilence was at the show and I went to pick her up at half past midnight. Her first outdoor rock show, and what a start.

Waiting for two work colleagues to arrive at the house for some learning and software-building.

Clearing up my PC the other night, found a lot of short instrumentals I’d recorded with loop software like Acid and FL studio. Some aren’t half bad. Particularly the one and only, probably ever, collaboration between Plague and myself, from two or three years ago. I have to admit the best bits are his. I’ll gradually make these available.

Tonight, a rehearsal with the Innocents for Sunday’s Full Moon Club. Looking forward to seeing Electra and Lee Patterson.  Bannermans on Sunday from 6pm – don’t miss it.

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