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Waveforms ambient looping (or Frippertronics 3)

In my last couple of posts on Frippertronics I’ve shown how Robert Fripp started playing this form of wave-like looping soundscape, and I’ve demonstrated how I tried to copy it for my own enjoyment using various bits of equipment I’d accumulated over the years. That was very much derivative of Fripp’s music. In my own Waveforms I’ve added my own take on it, using a wider range of sounds on the synth. Each piece has a written structure although the notes and textures are different every time.

In this video I’m playing one of my own pieces, The End of the Road. The annotations on the video describe what I’m doing at each stage.

I hope you enjoy it and if you’d like me to post more like this, let me know.



More on Waveforms – my soundscapes approach

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