Waveforms – an album

As promised to The Plain People of Edinburgh and everyone else, a Waveforms album.


Seven instrumentals, from ten minutes to less than a minute in length. Thanks to Reverbnation's new shop widget, it's available as a physical CD or downloads.

The Plain People of Edinburgh: Got it out of your system now?  Will we get some songs next?

Norman: You might actually, my interest is reviving.

The Plain People of Edinburgh: You know how to make us suffer, you do.

Norman: Oh give it a listen – you might even find yourself humming one the next day!

5 thoughts on “Waveforms – an album”

  1. Hi,
    Got the CD today, took two weeks, well packaged and from California. The cover and CD pack are really nice (your design I presume), good quality. If you’re at Jim’s tomorrow night you can see it.

  2. Thanks John.
     I got  the ones Id ordered today.  Nice product but a bit too long to arrive. This was done through Reverbnations Build Your Own Store widget.  It would be good if it was quicker but I dont think Ill use it again.

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