WaveForms for you

I've edited some examples of WaveForms from the Salisbury Centre gig I played a couple of weeks ago (the one with an audience of two).  The recording quality's not too bad, but since the mic was close to my pedal rack you can hear every click and stomp.  I don't mind, it makes it feel all the more like a real person's doing this, not a synth or sequencer.

Cathedral and Glass are fairly 'structured' improvisations, with a definite sequence of planned voices and moods. Soft Frippertronics and Sand in the Sky are completely improvised. Soft Frippertronics is the one for me – it seems to be just the right balance of playing and not playing, and what the guitarist played that night seems, well, right. Lotus Feet is what I usually end these sessions with, as a kind of 'let's relax now!' – it's actually a composition by John McLaughlin for his Shakti band. If John or his record co object to this being here I'll take it down.

The Salisbury Centre is having an open day on Sunday and I'll be playing this stuff in the library between 2 and 4.




Soft Frippertronics

Lotus Feet

Sand in the Sky

Download Cathedral

Download Glass

Download Soft frippertronics

Download Lotus feet

Download Sand in the sky

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