Waveforms gigs

I’ll be doing my ambient, contemplative thing at St John’s Church again this year as part of their Sacred Space programme next Tuesday (10th) and also 23rd and 24th.

The Waveforms album is still available should your household feng shui require such a thing.

It’s always quite an experience for me, in such beautiful and powerful surroundings, to call forth what little musical skill I have and be as attentive to what NOT to play as what to play. Indeed the moments of truth in Waveforms for the guitarist are the moments when you realise what you have to do is just let the loops run and not add anything. Not playing is much harder than playing. I think the longest I’ve managed it is two minutes.  Audience members come and go, which is fine – some find it boring, some seem to find it quite emotional, others experience it as part of the ambience of a large church. Maybe, like me, they hardly ever set foot in a church and this is one time they open to it and let the architecture do the work it was meant to do. If my sounds can help that, then great.

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