WaveForms rediscovered

Browsing my folders in order to put together a demo, I found a lot of WaveForm instrumentals I’d ignored for a year or more. I also discovered the secret of how I can enjoy them – wait until so many months have passed that I can’t remember (a) how they were done or (b) what I was trying to do at the time. In other words, hearing them as an innocent listener. And they were all right. You might get to hear them now, lucky old you.

Tomorrow, a drive across Scotland to Dunoon in the Cowal Peninsula, for a family get-together. Dunoon is the heart of Clan Lamont, but I never went there until I met Madame, whose family had gone there for many of her childhood holidays. So it has associations for both of us. For her, childhood and family memories; for me, a place where people don’t mispronounce my surname.

A social worker friend of my wife wore a headscarf one day recently while visiting a client, just because it was cold. The client, who suffers from various paranoias, wouldn’t let her in because ‘my dog thinks you come from Iraq’.

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