What’s happnin’

Rehearsals for Festival gigs: me ‘n’ Mary hitting the Lamont greatest hits, doing the dum-dum bass for Ms Fi, WaveForms at St John’s Church, and the mellow strains of the Wright Brothers.  I need a quiet evening at home, despite a stellar lineup at tonight’s Secret CDs.

With a measure of discipline – planned half-hour writing stints – making baby steps back to being a songwriter.

Learning a lot about the world we live in from A History of the Twentieth Century, one of the most addictive books I’ve read in years.

Still mentally revisiting the songs of the Incredible String Band, which have been reopened to me by the Barbican concert. And here, courtesy of someone in the front row, are Robyn Hitchcock and Richard Thompson doing Robin Williamson’s lovely First Girl I Loved.

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