Where to work

Tony Karrer suggested some of my deliberations in the previous entry may be relevant to the Learning Circuits Big Question this month.

The question, and the article 101 reasons to be freelance, also prompted me to appreciate my current position. I have the relative security (all security is relative, hence the discussion that prompted the last post!) of a salaried position, but a lot of the benefits of working freelance: working from home, in a ‘distributed’ team, with a role that blends strategic direction for eLearning, instructional design, straightforward web design and hands-on coding. I love the variety. I’m also spared the routine meetings that come with being based in an office. The team of which I’m a member is seen as a group of mavericks and innovators, but our managers have the skill to ensure our contribution is recognised and, occasionally, to rein us in. It’s like a company within a company, and we’re all serious about learning how to do this well as we go along.

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