Windows crash continued

A ridiculous and disproportionate part of the last few days has been spent rebuilding my PC after the last Windows crash. I still can’t do things like upload files to my site – I’d prepared a whole new jukebox but had to download my FTP program again and set it up and – guess what – it doesn’t work. I’ve been getting used to this.

Never mind, tomorrow I leave it all behind and head off to Vale do Lobo in the Algarve, leaving the house in the, well, hands of Plague. I may blog from Portugal if I feel the inclination (if I can’t stay away from online, more like!)

2 thoughts on “Windows crash continued”

  1. Suggest you setup a dual-boot system. Keep office type / internet type work on one drive and music software on the other drive. The two don’t mix well.
    Best of all you can do this for free, there is lots of free software available to do this, check out for more info.
    It’s the only way to preserve your sanitity.

  2. Thanks Les – I plan to do exactly this, although I may upgrade the PC first. It’s good to have confirmation that it works in practice. Fancy recording a Christmas single together? I’ve got a song we could start from.

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