Windows crash

Windows died tonight – due, I strongly suspect, to Groove Agent given that the PC seemed to struggling to cope with opening it, and then completely fell apart when trying to close it. Why does a simple evening doing music at home never work out?

After several repair attempts, drawing on the expertise of number-one-son Plague, it was a reinstall, which as I remember from only last November, means a reinstall of every single programme and every setting. It’s like getting someone else’s computer. Plague is suspicious of the main hard drive, so it may be that a visit to a PC shop may be in the offing. I used to get so excited about that, ten years ago when PCs and the internet were novelties. Now, even though it might be FASTER!! MORE POWERFUL!! etc, I feel nothing. How jaded is that?

Tomorrow, drive to Aberdeen to re-install Pest in university.

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