Winter songs

All across the UK, we’re freezing.

I hope you’re able to keep warm. In the meantime, here are a couple of winter songs that I hope will cheer you up!

Christmas Revolution

A slight tweak to a song I recorded with my friend Nelson Wright way back.

Winter Sky

This was a song from my first real album, 2004’s The Wolf Who Snared The Moon. I’ve always had a soft spot for it because it was the first song I recorded completely by myself, playing everything. I was using Cubase at the time and I was young and fearless! I don’t think I would attempt so many voices and instruments now. Maybe I’ve grown too cautious. But I think this works, from the multi voice choirs to the MIDI bass and the ridiculously pitch-shifted guitar solo. I remember it as fun and I think it still sounds fun

4 thoughts on “Winter songs”

  1. Salam-Peace-Shalom

    nice to hear from you in the mail !

    winter sky…………….very beautifullllll, nice feelllllllllllllllll, Thnks .

  2. Great production Norman – reconnect with your fearless self, young sir!

    I think it would make a great Christmas Eve hymn. I can just imagine hearing it in our church.

    Cheers from Sydney – Nigel

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