Guitar Craft day 1

6.45 sitting, in darkness, 45m.

After breakfast, Tai Chi, waiting for first guitar meeting. Someone in the next room practising the Beatles’ I Want You – sounds good.

Guitar meeting – about 30 of us in a circle, Robert in the middle. Basic circulation, passing a note around the circle. Then counting 5, playing on 1 and 3, or 2 and 4, or 1, 4 and 5. Divided into groups, some playing their note on the downbeat, others on the upbeat. We can’t do it. Robert: ” What do we do when we’re struggling? Increase the complexity.” Try something harder (playing in 11/8) then come back to it. Seems to work today.

The day continues with further guitar meetings, fairly quiet meals and another Tai Chi session. In the intervals I practise and jam with roommate Ben. There are about 50 here, 30 on this course and 20 on a three-week course, part of which includes catering for our course. A mix of nationalities and languages, particularly Spanish; people from all over Europe and South America, as well as the US (2), UK (4), Turkey and Iran.

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