Video: Come With Me – live at Bridge of Orchy

Norman Lamont and the Heaven Sent at the Orchy sessions

Here’s the first video from the Bridge of Orchy sessions. The band are playing Come With Me, the best song on the Roadblock album and one of my favourites of all the things I’ve written. The video was done by Euan Brockie and the audio recorded and mixed by Gerry Callaghan and Ross Arthur. More … Read more Video: Come With Me – live at Bridge of Orchy

Songstories #15 – The Spell

Greek engraving of sad musician with lyre

I’ve written some sad songs in my time, but this must be the saddest.  It’s a sprawling 7.5 minutes. The theme song, the bit about the spell that opens and closes the song, reflects on how youth feels invulnerable, invincible, even if you know it’s not forever – ‘safe for the moment’. It bookends some half-told … Read more Songstories #15 – The Spell