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In the 60s, American comics found their way to the UK as ballast on planes, nothing more. Often they were random packages of old and new ones. Some titles would be available new (actually about four months after their American publication), but there would be intermittent gaps in the supply. So collecting comics was like … Read more

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I got my first Marvel comics by swapping various comics with the boy next door. I would have preferred Batman, but I took what he had. There were a few of the non-superhero fantasy shorts by Kirby or Ditko, then a Strange Tales featuring the Human Torch meeting the Sub-Mariner and an early story of … Read more

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As much as parents, school and TV, the mental scenery for my childhood was created by comics. The years could be measured out in the comics I read regularly, and the thread connecting them was my slate, the scritchy-scratchy companion of my childhood years. About the size of an A4 page, a rectangle of slate … Read more

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