Jonathan Richman: Innocent like a Rock

Jonathan Richman in concert

For over forty years, Jonathan Richman has been scattering gems of wide-eyed wonder and celebration, set to a rockin’ beat. But don’t mistake his innocence for naivety or lack of intelligence. Far from it. He knows exactly what he’s doing and has had a clear vision and world-view from the start. Here’s my take on … Read moreJonathan Richman: Innocent like a Rock

Kevin Ayers – champagne and valium

Kevin Ayers performing on Old Grey Whistle Test

Kevin Ayers and Syd Barrett were the two most important people in British pop music. Everything that came after came from them. (Nick Kent) For six or seven years in the late 60s and early 70s, Kevin Ayers came to the brink of mainstream success. With his debonair English charm, deep wine-soaked voice and lost-boy … Read moreKevin Ayers – champagne and valium

Ronnie Lane – gypsy dreams

Ronnie Lane

Throughout his short life Ronnie Lane’s warmth and sparkle endeared audiences – and musicians – to him. From quirky pop star with the Small Faces, to stadium rock with the Faces to rustic troubador in a circus tent, he went his own way. The Passing Show comes to Falkirk Ronnie Lane’s Passing Show, his rock’n’roll … Read moreRonnie Lane – gypsy dreams

New Zealand Road Trip (2)

Before I continue with some stories and pictures from the South Island, here’s something I forgot about flying on New Zealand Air. On the video menu were a few short videos about driving in New Zealand – typically, stuff like driving on the left, giving way on one-lane bridges, allowing longer for your journey because … Read moreNew Zealand Road Trip (2)