Living it up in the country – Orchy Sessions 2018

Bridge of Orchy Ski Lodge

Put a small bunch of songwriters in a ski lodge in May with food, drink and recording equipment and what do you get? A lot of fun, some songs we’d never have written, some some recordings we’d never have had and an album to follow up last year’s. Meet on the Lodge I’ve never doing … Read moreLiving it up in the country – Orchy Sessions 2018

Goodbye to Ben

I don’t usually post personal stuff here, but let me take a moment to tell you about Ben. Ben is the ginger tom cat who’s lived with us for almost 18 years. We got him and his sister Cassie as kittens from Cats Protection in 2000. We’d only intended to take her, but Ben installed … Read moreGoodbye to Ben

In Another Life – the album is out!

The members of the Heaven Sent sitting on piano keys.

The band’s album In Another Life is out today.  You can buy it on Bandcamp here.  Please share with anyone you think deserves it because they’ve been such good humans. In Another Life by Norman Lamont and the Heaven Sent Some days over the last two years I’ve wondered if we’d ever get to this … Read moreIn Another Life – the album is out!