Evolution of the Crow

Last week I launched my new single and video, Crow. Many thanks to those of you who bought it or commented. Crow has taken a long time to fly. For anyone interested in the process, here are a few snapshots from its childhood. Cale experiment 001 (2012) I had a few experiments on the go … Read more

More on Momus

Screenshot from Fifteen People website about Momus

After I mentioned Momus a few times here, I was contacted by John Robinson, who told me he’d created a site reviewing all Momus’s albums. So far he’s covered more than ten early albums, singles and EPs. If you’re interested in this extraordinary singer-songwriter-novelist-artist, this would be a great place to start. Fifteen People by … Read more

Ask me, don’t ask me

Norman Lamont by James Whyte

Ask me (as in Jim asks me some questions) Last week Jim Welsh, a presenter on Summerhall Radio, invited me to talk about the new album and play some tracks on his show. I couldn’t come the day of his show so he had me in another day for a special – I felt privileged! … Read more