Moving the last Roadblock

The other day I had an order from a Bandcamp customer for a couple of albums including Roadblock. Just getting an order of any kind is a morale booster, but this was special as it was the last CD copy of the Roadblock album, which I put out in 2008. I don’t know how many … Read more

Mulling over Kintyre

Last weekend was without doubt one of the most enjoyable musical experiences of my life. David Fee of Homesongs had arranged a series of four gigs for myself and Rosie Nimmo in the Kintyre peninsula. For him, this was a way of getting back to his first love – house concerts – after a long … Read more

What meditation is like

There’s space, and everything shining in itLike the light of Carravagio And the young man’s voiceHas things to say about the situationAnd the old man’s voiceSlaps him down The camera zooms in to their squabbleAnd the light is forgotten Until it isn’tAnd the contestants’ raft disappears downstream In that moment …In that moment … But … Read more

In memory of Dave Christopher

Dave Christopher was one of the finest songwriters to come out of Edinburgh. But you won’t find him on YouTube or Spotify. Until recently you wouldn’t find him anywhere online. Only a few cassettes and singles in the hands of friends. His life negotiated personal tragedy and challenges that few have faced, but towards the … Read more

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