The Twilight Show continues with a Jacques Brel cover

Here’s another song from short sequence of videos I recorded one winter’s night a few months ago. This is a Jacques Brel cover, of his song Ne Me Quitte Pas, translated by Momus. There are some incredible cover versions of this magnificent song available – my favourite is Nina Simone’s – but English versions have … Read more The Twilight Show continues with a Jacques Brel cover

Momus – Forbidden Software Timemachine

I just got this double CD, a compilation of seven albums Momus put out  between 1987 and 1993. Some extraordinary songwriting, the most literary lyrics in contemporary music (Bluestocking is almost entirely a list of the books his lover has read!) but not in a look-at-me-I’m-clever way, more like listening to one of your more intelligent and sardonic friends musing over a rinky-tinky cheap electro beat.  The melodies are flowing, Europop, like the best of the Pet Shop Boys or early Scott Walker without the orchestras. I have many of these already on scratched vinyl or dull cassettes but hearing them again has me shocked at the guy’s talent. (If you’ve heard me sing Ricky, it’s based on Momus’s adaptation of Jacque Brel’s Jackie.)

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