Three acoustic cover versions

Cover of album Pierre de Grenoble by Gabriel and Marie Yacoub

Having a trawl through my archive vault deep underground, protected by fearsome robot warriors and smelling faintly of disinfectant, I came across this from The Village pub in Leith a couple of Christmases ago. Three quiet acoustic cover versions of songs I’d loved for a long time but never played until that night. The songs: … Read more

Happy Zimday!

Bob Dylan by Birgit Karacsonyi.

On Monday 24th I took part in a Bobathon – about five hours of Dylan covers from singer songwriters in the Ruby Tuesday Sessions page of Facebook. I did, of course, The Ballad of Bob Dylan but also two Dylan covers which I’m quite happy with: The Wicked Messenger I Threw It All Away Bob … Read more

In memory of Dave Christopher

Dave Christopher was one of the finest songwriters to come out of Edinburgh. But you won’t find him on YouTube or Spotify. Until recently you wouldn’t find him anywhere online. Only a few cassettes and singles in the hands of friends. His life negotiated personal tragedy and challenges that few have faced, but towards the … Read more

Music from a few friends

I haven’t had any new stuff to share with you. I’m still working on the November song in my series of new songs for email subscribers, but in the meantime here’s some good music that friends of mine have sent me. Let me just say here and now that I’m not looking for people to … Read more