Front of Waterloo Station

Waterloo Sunset – Kinks cover

This is my first recording in my new playroom. It won’t sound any different to you but it means a lot to me to be able to record in our new house. And the best of it is, since it’s an old property and the walls are thick, I don’t disturb anyone else. To test it, I put on King Crimson’s Red very loud, closed the door and went to the livingroom – couldn’t hear a thing!

This cover was a fairly spontaneous gesture, when the song came into my head one night. I wanted to get the essence of the song without copying any of the Kinks’ trademark guitar or backing vocal parts – just a simple songwriter’s song. Hope you like it.

Kinks photo: Henry Diltz, Public domain

London footage is from Getty Images via my Cyberlink Power Director licence.

Front of Waterloo photo: Attribution: Waterloo Station – main entrance by Anthony O’Neil

8 thoughts on “Waterloo Sunset – Kinks cover”

  1. In 1967 I was living in a flat in Penywern Road, Earls Court with 3 other students from University College. For a while we had a lodger, Ray, who had an office job somewhere. Every day when he got in from work he would play ‘Waterloo Sunset’. Happy memories. Susy and I first met at that flat.

    • Hi James. Thanks for the kind comments. If you want to explore whether we might actually be related, send a private comment in the Contact box!

  2. Really enjoyed your rendition of this favourite of mine. Quite a landmark to make your first recording from your new abode. I hope there will be many more. All the very best for your future endeavours.

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