The Twilight Show compendium

Twilight sky

The Twilight Show series of videos started in 2020 as a version of the ‘tiny desk concert’ idea – a way to present an intimate, close-up version of a song with no fancy acting and no attempt to create excitement. This was, of course, during lockdown. The idea of tinting them blue and the ‘twilight’ … Read more

Only The Sea (at last!)

I’m very happy to share with you a song that’s been on the way to this version since sometime around 1979. This version has been an internet collaboration with bassist Bobo Lavorgna in Connecticut USA, the tabla player Ravish Shet whom I met in Kerala a couple of years ago, and his friend Santosh Chandran, … Read more

Give ’em Smiles

Over the New Year period, when I was isolating with COVID, I heard this song in a dream, an actual performance by an elderly jazz singer with a band. When I woke up I remembered the chorus and one line of lyrics, plus the bizarre backing vocals and recorded a chorus on my phone. The … Read more

Lyric videos

I’ve done a couple of these. I don’t know whether they’re something people like – perhaps they’re interested in words or they can’t make them out. Sometimes I resisted it because songs aren’t poetry, and doing a lyric video may draw too much attention to the words rather than the ‘whole’. I don’t know. I’d … Read more