Here’s a new 45m live solo show

On Tuesday March 30th, the Ruby Tuesday Sessions page on Facebook selected a few veterans of Edinburgh’s Out of the Bedroom open mic to play some longer sets. I was one, so here’s my live solo show. Despite extensive testing of my setup – audio and streaming – the day before, it didn’t seem to … Read more

If I Could Be With You

Edinburgh street empty in lockdown (Wikimedia)

A few weeks ago, Chris Denerley kindly played this song on his radio show The Beyond Folk and Acoustic Show on Beyond Radio, a station in Lancaster. He said it summed up what a lot of people were feeling, separated from friends and loved ones by lockdown. I hadn’t made the connection myself, but since … Read more

The Twilight Show – Come With Me

The twilight show

The final song from the last series of Twilight Show is Come With Me. It’s one of my favourites of the songs I’ve written and this version has something very personal and intimate about it. I felt I was rediscovering the song as I was singing it. I’ve said a little more about the song … Read more