Lyric videos

I’ve done a couple of these. I don’t know whether they’re something people like – perhaps they’re interested in words or they can’t make them out. Sometimes I resisted it because songs aren’t poetry, and doing a lyric video may draw too much attention to the words rather than the ‘whole’. I don’t know. I’d … Read more

Three acoustic cover versions

Cover of album Pierre de Grenoble by Gabriel and Marie Yacoub

Having a trawl through my archive vault deep underground, protected by fearsome robot warriors and smelling faintly of disinfectant, I came across this from The Village pub in Leith a couple of Christmases ago. Three quiet acoustic cover versions of songs I’d loved for a long time but never played until that night. The songs: … Read more

Homesongs4Life 7th May 2021

Last week’s livestream with Homesongs4Life finally overcame some of the audio and video glitches that I’ve had with previous streams on that and other channels. Here is is – four songs: something old – New Eyes from The Wolf Who Snared The Moon album something new – A Careless Blow – one of the songs … Read more

Here’s a new 45m live solo show

On Tuesday March 30th, the Ruby Tuesday Sessions page on Facebook selected a few veterans of Edinburgh’s Out of the Bedroom open mic to play some longer sets. I was one, so here’s my live solo show. Despite extensive testing of my setup – audio and streaming – the day before, it didn’t seem to … Read more

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