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Andrew Ferguson: I Still Believe

Andrew’s alias for this and other records is SIASA, or Songs in a Scottish Accent. This is his most accomplished recording so far, I think, thanks to the guiding hand of Gerry Callaghan (producer of my In Another Life and Ten Objects). I played some guitars, keyboards and bass parts and also some backing vocals. This track has all these to a good folk-rockin’ tune and some philosophical lyrics. The sessions for these songs were very enjoyable due to Gerry’s quick-moving ‘You want what? OK let’s try it right now and see if it works!’ attitude.

The Devil and the Snowflake

Says Andrew:

The tracks are a mix of dry humour and honest emotion, reflecting the fact they were written during a tricky patch in my life pre-lockdown. The humour’s never far away though!

I usually contribute the proceeds of sales to Fife Women’s Aid, but given the ongoing crisis they’ll go to the Disasters Emergency Relief Committee via the Red Cross.

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