Death Songs of a Four Year Old

One of the things about making a lockdown project of clearing and cataloguing a lifetime of photos – four lifetimes if you count my wife and our children – is that memories get triggered. Daily. Nightly even, when you’re trying to sleep. One thing that’s come to mind recently is the fascination with death that … Read more

Glasgow Songwriting Festival 2019

For the third year running I attended the Glasgow Songwriting Festival last weekend. It followed the same format as previous years – you stay in a group of about eight and spend a two hour session with each of the four tutors over the Saturday and Sunday – but unlike previous years in the unique … Read more

Shakin’ it at the Cowshed

Painting of Norman Lamont and Bob Dylan

If you follow us on Facebook you might have seen this, but here’s a quick look at the end of our set at the Cowshed in Edinburgh last week where we were blessed by some pretty snappy dancers. I think it may be the first time we’ve had dancers! We’re back at the Cowshed tomorrow … Read more

Coll Back, Fall Back

Last week I had a gig on the Isle of Coll. Or rather I didn’t. But it was OK. Here’s the story … Aspiration A bit of background. For the last year or two I’ve been trying to build towards a tour of small venues in the Scottish Highlands. The appeal was pretty romantic – … Read more

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