Report from today

A brief post about where I’m up to in what I laughingly refer to as my ‘music career’! The solo album – Ten Objects There are only a couple of instrumental additions outstanding on the solo album, and Gerry and I have finalised the list of songs that will be on it. We recorded more … Read more

Songstories #24: Sullen City (cover)

A couple of years ago I learned of the death of a singer-songwriter who’d been a friend of mine when I lived in Manchester. Although I hadn’t heard anything of her for twenty years her songs  had remained in my mind and her cassette album Take Route was probably the only cassette I ever played … Read more

After the news fast

Vintage picture of couple listening to radio.

A few weeks ago I decided to go on a news fast, avoiding news on the media for four weeks. My reasons for doing it are here, but it boiled down to noticing that it was an addictive behaviour with no real effect on anything within my control, therefore better eliminated. I thought four weeks … Read more