What meditation is like

There’s space, and everything shining in itLike the light of Carravagio And the young man’s voiceHas things to say about the situationAnd the old man’s voiceSlaps him down The camera zooms in to their squabbleAnd the light is forgotten Until it isn’tAnd the contestants’ raft disappears downstream In that moment …In that moment … But … Read more


RAINSTICK A rainstick Takes its time To shower seeds Along its spine I wish I’d given Ample cause To justify Its warm applause All I did: Rotate its axis Pity I can’t Apply the practice To all those people Who don’t know How cool I am How great my show How wise my words How … Read more

Voyage of the Dimmed

The captain is on the bridge. The captain peers into the distance and gently corrects the wheel.  The captain smiles and begins to fade. The ship ploughs into the mist. The mate appears with a different chart and we go 24 degrees to starboard. He fades and disappears. The ship ploughs through the mist, the … Read more

The Tourist Shop

The tourist shop I walked into a tourist shop Where many tourists are Funny hats and beachtowels Beside a tourist bar The temperature was rising And the shop was dark and cool A silence and a refuge From the radio and pool. I lifted this and fingered that The shop girl said hello And went … Read more

Late 08 haiku (1)

Sometime in November I set myself the task of writing a haiku, or at least a short poem, each morning after meditation, and before breakfast. I managed it most mornings, and it was quite interesting to look through them again.  They seemed to chart a declining mood towards the trough of December. (From my window … Read more

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