My room is silentKnocking round the house downstairsYour October cough Norman Lamont 7/11/07


A rainstick Takes its time To shower seedsAlong its spine I wish I’d givenAmple causeTo justifyIts warm applause All I did:Rotate its axisPity I can’t Apply the practice To all those peopleWho don’t knowHow cool I amHow great my show How wise my wordsHow slick my movesHow bright my stringsHow funk my grooves So I … Read more

Marc Bolan

Marc Bolan came to meWrapped in a magazineAnd I took up being 16. Mystics and wizardsMist and the spellsI couldn’t get the hang Just the cloaked figureWith his doll’s face Saved by his ringletsI was the acceptable face of curly hairPreviously a curse I caught him just liftingInto rock and rollWith an AOUW!  and an … Read more

Jerusalem Blues

Tom was a radical, Helen a Jew They talked long and deeply of all they’d been through Helen said Tom I love you like my hands Let’s fly out together and live off the land They learned a new language in June 63 They thought it was free Belief Come to grief Jerusalem Hassan Mohammed … Read more

The Wind Like Lace on Greenan Shore

The song emerged from a jam with Gil Murray, a friend I met in Queensferry, who happened to come from Ayr like me, and who also had fond memories of Greenan Shore, just to the south of the town. The lyric isn’t completely transparent, but is definitely the song of someone who’s past the middle … Read more

Submarine Girl

The comma between Submarine and Girl should preserve me from accusations of smut. I started this in the Commonwealth Pool with my son when he was four. On that day and on every instance of my attempting to sing it, it has been met with ‘Shut up, Dad!’.  Getting people at gigs to sing ‘Hubbla … Read more

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