Inspirations #1: Rennie Sparks

Rennie Sparks writes the lyrics for the Handsome Family, while her husband Brett writes the music and sings. I’m going to quote one of her songs from the album Twilight, just for the sheer joy of typing out the words:

Passenger Pigeons

Ever since you moved out, I’ve been living in the park. I’d rather talk to the wind than an empty apartment. I wish I could forget how a billion birds flew in my hollow dying heart the first time I touched your arm.

Once there were a billion Passenger Pigeons. So many flew by they darkened the sky. But they were clubbed and shot, netted, gassed and burned, until there was nothing left but miles of empty nests. I can’t believe how easily a billion birds can disappear.

The park is empty now. It’s so cold out and all the paddle boats are covered up with snow. Once again it’s dark. The electric lights snap on, but I’m still sitting here drinking frozen beer and throwing potato chips into the white snow drifts, just in case a bird decides to fly through here tonight.

I can’t believe how easily a billion birds can disappear.

(Rennie Sparks, Handsome Family Music)

The Handsomd Family

(From an interview in Here magazine)

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