I’ll keep this page updated with what I’m doing and what’s on my mind.

Highlands Tour

Lyznie had to pull out of the tour idea because of family concerns, and I’ve been persevering with little progress. I joined a site called the Touring Network, which tries to connect performers with promoters and venues, and I’ve contacted over 30 venues, receiving only a tiny handful of replies.

The Heaven Sent

In Another Life is in the longlist for Scottish Album of the Year. (There are about 100, but that’ll get whittled down to 20 soon.)

Two of the new songs  – Turn, and The Right Thing are now in our set,  and we’re working on others such as  Time Starts Now. We had one person respond to our ad for a lead instrument (non-guitar) but he pulled out just before we met.

Hungry Ghosts

The revival of my 90s project with Tricia Thom is moving, albeit very slowly as we’re both busy with other priorities.  One song has been released on the new Bridge of Orchy sessions album.  You can hear it here, and the whole album is for sale to benefit Cancer Relief UK.

It contains a new song of mine which I think is one of my best, History of a Love in 10 Objects.

The solo album

The solo album with Gerry is coming on. We’re still getting together once a week to record.  Some titles:

  • Anniversary (acoustic version of the song from All The Time In Heaven)
  • History of a Love in 10 Objects
  • The Bright Eyed Kid
  • Crazy Heart
  • Too Many Nights From the Sea
  • If I Could Be With You
  • It Makes Sense To Me
  • Don’t Ask Me
  • Love Catch You When You Fall
  • Other Things


More solo tracks

I’ve been working on a few which will be public soon, particularly She Wants Out (a riposte to the Beatles’ She Loves You) and an epic version Fiona Thom and John Farrell’s Box of Tricks.



Skye is almost seven weeks old now and starting to smile. I’m lost.


  • Handmaid’s Tale
  • Luke Cage Season 2
  • Kurosawa’s Ran


I expect to find more time to read now that I’ve started a 30-day news fast (not looking at any news at all) and severely limiting Facebook time.


  • Stranger to Stranger by Paul Simon
  • Rhythm of the Saints by Paul Simon
  • Travis and Fripp
  • various random forays into David Bowie and Robyn Hitchcock