I’ll keep this page updated with what I’m doing and what’s on my mind.

Highlands Tour

Not much happening on this front, it’s very difficult to interest promoters. There is, however, a possibility of a gig on the Isle of Coll. Even if just for a handful of people, I hope it happens!

The Heaven Sent

Rehearsing new songs – The Right Thing, Turn, She Wants Out and an oldie Call Back Fall Back. Oh and a nice David Bowie cover which we’ll surprise you with one night.  We’re also considering Under Your Wing, which I used to play with another version of the band.


The solo album and Four Little Leaves

After the sidetrack into Four Little Leaves, Gerry and I are back to working on this and we’ve started requisitioning time from other players. James Whyte has already turned a couple of songs around, just by coming in with a different perspective.  Some titles:

  • Anniversary (acoustic version of the song from All The Time In Heaven)
  • History of a Love in 10 Objects
  • The Bright Eyed Kid
  • Crazy Heart
  • Too Many Nights From the Sea
  • If I Could Be With You
  • It Makes Sense To Me
  • Don’t Ask Me
  • Love Catch You When You Fall


More solo tracks

I’m working on some covers including Momus’s Christmas On Earth. 



  • The Last Kingdom series 3
  • Vikings
  • King Crimson’s Meltdown (full 2-hour concert)


Transcripts of conversations between Zen teacher Charlotte Joko Beck and one of her students. 


  •  Prefab Sprout Red/Crimson
  • Podcasts In Our Time, Desert Island Disks






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