I’ll keep this page updated with what I’m doing and what’s on my mind.

The Heaven Sent

In Another Life is in the longlist for Scottish Album of the Year. (There are about 100, but that’ll get whittled down to 20 soon.)

New songs coming on well at rehearsals – Turn, I Hope I’ve Done The Right Thing and Time Starts Now. We had one person respond to our ad for a lead instrument (non-guitar) but he pulled out just before we met.

Video editing

I discovered through Facebook that two of my videos were losing viewers right at the beginning during the ‘preambles’ so I’ve edited them so they go straight into the music. We’ll see if that makes a difference.

Hungry Ghosts

We have a couple of tracks recorded at Bridge of Orchy that are good enough to go public.

The solo album

The solo album with Gerry is coming on. We’re still getting together once a week and record a bit.

Solo gigs with Lynzie Dray

The proposed tour with Lynzie is getting slightly more concrete – we’re approaching promoters and venues via the Touring Network.

More solo tracks

I’m nearing the end of a track I started last year called Remember, which sounds a bit like 60s Bowie. Mellotron!!!

Music marketing

I’ve been experimenting with my email list software but not really satisfied yet.


Skye was born on Friday 8th.  Tiny and beautiful but too private for blogging yet.


  • Westworld
  • Handmaid’s Tale
  • Game of Thrones¬†– going back through them all


  • Most of my reading this week has been blogs or Marvel Unlimited, the birthday present that keeps on giving!


  • Stranger to Stranger by Paul Simon
  • Rhythm of the Saints by Paul Simon