I’ll keep this page updated with what I’m doing and what’s on my mind.

Highlands Tour

I’ve kept in touch with some of the promoters and venue owners I met at the Touring Network meeting but not feeling very optimistic about it. On the positive side we have managed to secure a band gig at the Weem Inn in Aberfeldy on 10th November.

The Heaven Sent

Rehearsing new songs – The Right Thing, Turn, She Wants Out and an oldie Call Back Fall Back. Oh and a nice David Bowie cover which we’ll surprise you with one night.  We’re also considering Under Your Wing, which I used to play with another version of the band.


The solo album and Four Little Leaves

The solo album with Gerry is coming on slowly but steadily, a little each week.   Some titles:

  • Anniversary (acoustic version of the song from All The Time In Heaven)
  • History of a Love in 10 Objects
  • The Bright Eyed Kid
  • Crazy Heart
  • Too Many Nights From the Sea
  • If I Could Be With You
  • It Makes Sense To Me
  • Don’t Ask Me
  • Love Catch You When You Fall

But Gerry and I have side-tracked ourselves into a three-song set – EP? Mini-album? – called Four Little Leaves.  Three co-written songs with a connecting story, which will be public in late November.

More solo tracks

Parallel to the acoustic album there’s a collection of more arranged songs taking shape, with titles like Stuck To Your Name, Poor Liar, Remember and an updated version of History.

Stuck To Your Name is out now on YouTube:



Spending time every week with this little gem, who’s now aware of the world, smiling and curious, just starting to reach for things.


  • Daredevil series 3
  • Killing Eve
  • Macbeth (the Michael Fassbender one)
  • Avengers Infinity War
  • King Crimson’s Meltdown (full 2-hour concert)


I’ve been trying to find in the morass of contemporary politics and philosophy somewhere I can hitch my wagon to, and say ‘Yes I agree wholeheartedly.’  But I’m not finding it. I’ve actually enjoyed watching Jordan Peterson’s interviews, but having started his book I find even the first chapter based on shaky science. He’s worthy of some respect though, and while I don’t buy the message that he’s a right-wing nut job, I wonder whether there’s anyone on the left that’s as clear and as good a communicator. I haven’t come across anyone. And I’m rapidly giving up on the left-right dichotomy anyway.


  •  King Crimson Meltdown
  • A New International Come to the Fabulon
  • David Byrne American Utopia
  • Musikgruppen RAA Incredible RAA Band – a Swedish album of Incredible String Band covers. Possibly the worst album cover pastiche ever, but the arrangements are full of heart, skill and humour.  More about it here.