1 October 2005

I’m off this afternoon on the first leg of my trip with Madame and Pestilence, to London then Singapore.
As a parting shot, there’s a new song on the ‘Songs’ pageDorothy’s Book. It’s a draft, still being worked on, but any comments or suggestions welcome. It’s one I’d class as a ‘minor song’ – not anything that I expect to be a particular favourite, but it wanted out anyway. (I thought the same about Polecats and it proved far more popular than I expected, so what do I know?)

I’ll post again from here and there as net access becomes available.
C U!

Free mini-album!


Free to download - Stories My Killer Told Me: Five surreal story-songs from my Edinburgh Fringe show.

  • I Am Not The One For You
  • The Ever Open Door
  • New Eyes
  • A Forest Trail in Autumn
  • The Portobello Slam

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