Guitar Craft day 3

Most of the day in small groups practising circulating scales, or playing in 5 and 7. Some are trying to get us more into the Crafty ‘form’ – prescribed ways of running the circle; others are more casual.

Tai Chi outside, pleasant spring weather.

Ben and I are practising Flee As A Bird, a traditional piece from Newcastle, which I’ve been practising for over a year. A GC tradition is to perform one piece at mealtimes – there have already been a few, including that cracking version of I Want You. We’ll do this piece once we know it better. The first two bars are the most difficult, so I’m always nervous of the beginning.

In the evening, another vamping session, but this time with the whole house, over 50 guitars – in two concentric circles, getting Crimsonesque as it rises in minor thirds and sections of squalling string bends are introduced.

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