My top five of 2011

This may be my last post on the current version of my blog and site, as the new one’s not far off completion.

Some of my friends have been making up, even giving away, albums of the music they’ve liked best from 2011. I don’t actually listen much to music and when  I do, most often it’s old familiar stuff, but here are my top five from 2011 – I hope you like some of them.  And, if you have been, thanks for reading and listening to my stuff in 2011. 2012 looks like being prolific!

Mara Carlyle – King

One of the few times I’ve read reviews and thought ‘ I’m going to give that a chance, unheard ‘. Glad I did.

Paul Simon – Love and Blessings

What an album. I love them all but this has stayed my favourite. He’s so good at being poignant and funny at the same time.

Elbow – The Birds

I probably prefer the studio version to the many live ones on YouTube but this is good. Superb song.

The Unthanks – Starless

An unlikely and loving rework of a song many people would never get to hear because it’s a King Crimson song.

Jakszyk, Fripp and Collins – A Scarcity of Miracles

King Crimson in spirit if not in name, but more welcoming.

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