Shock! Lamont lists music made after 1975!

A quick post before I go on holiday.

I’m always blethering on about bands from the early 1970s – that’s what I do – but here are a couple of current bands I’ve discovered this week that I really  like.

First Tiger

A Glasgow trio. I believe they’re playing Leith Depot soon. Articulate, funny, eclectic.

Tom Robinson: ‘I don’t know much about them but they’re brilliant’

First Tiger on Facebook

The Wave Pictures

My friend Adrian saw them in London and thought of me. The same adjectives pretty much apply to them. Maybe add ‘a bit bonkers’. But really good.


The Blaze

Less wacky, more powerful. A French duo who produce subtle EDM. Two excellent videos themed around male friendship.

Virile is just two friends (not the band) mucking about in a flat, but quite moving.

Territory is filmed in Algiers, with strong themes of family, friends and male emotion.

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