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Crying In The Street by Hungry Ghosts (and others)

Here’s another from the Hungry Ghosts reunion at the Village in January.

This is one of my more popular songs over a long period. Hungry Ghosts used to perform it but it was never recorded. I did my own version on Romantic Fiction but this live rendition beats that hollow.

Crying in the Street

I came down where there’s noise and people
And maybe an friend to meet
But through all that I do
I’m still talking to you
To the rhythm of my walking feet
Walking out was my one little victory
Now I’ve turned it into defeat
And the shame starts to rise
Till it breaks through my eyes
And I’m crying in the street

I thought when I burned those bridges
Freedom would taste so sweet
So now I’m free in the wild
Like a lost frightened child
I’m crying in the street
Can’t go forward or back
I just stop in my tracks
Crying in the street.

How do they do
Whatever they do
All those people rushing by me
And none of them you?
How do they hold on
If they feel this way
How do they keep it in?

Better than my solo version is this version by The Invisible Helpers, my previous band. I don’t know whether this was 2010 or 2011 but it was thereabouts, featuring Al Clarke on bass, James Whyte on piano, Sam Barber on drums and Mary Robbs on violin.

I like a sad song, don’t you? People make all the same remarks about wrist-slitting music with regard to mine as they do with Leonard Cohen, but although I’m a pretty happy individual sad songs come easiest. But then singer-songwriters all say it’s harder to write a happy song.
What do you think? Do you prefer sad songs?

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