Famous Blue Raincoat – a Cohen cover

Norman Lamont at the Roxy Art House 2005I just came across this recording of Leonard Cohen’s Famous Blue Raincoat from a music night at the Roxy Art House way back in 2005.  I remember it being a spontaneous decision on stage to finish my set with this and not one of my own songs. The Roxy Art House was a huge former church, with a lovely reverb which you can hear on this recording.

Judging by the photo taken by someone on the night I appear to have had a moustache. That’s a surprise.

It seems to have a pleasing gentle melancholy quality, so I hope it’s not too arrogant to share it here as a tribute to Mr C.

Famous Blue Raincoat

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  1. I listened to to this and it does have a pleasing melancholy quality. Then I read the lyircs and some stuff about ‘going clear’ and Scientology. And I listened to the original version. I have no idea what it is about but it probably doesn’t matter.

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