Homesongs4Life 7th May 2021

Last week’s livestream with Homesongs4Life finally overcame some of the audio and video glitches that I’ve had with previous streams on that and other channels. Here is is – four songs:

  • something old – New Eyes from The Wolf Who Snared The Moon album
  • something new – A Careless Blow – one of the songs being prepared for the next Heaven Sent collection
  • something borrowed – Zoo Blues by Robin Williamson – the animal puns song
  • something blue – The Ballad of Bob Dylan – a 12-bar blues for the Zim’s 80th birthday

Coming up on Monday – an interview I did with Bobo Lavorgna, bass player and raconteur in the USA. We talked about songwriting, lockdown, and, well , lotsa stuff!

1 thought on “Homesongs4Life 7th May 2021”

  1. Just caught up with this. Thanks for broadcasting it. The sound was fine. I play my phone through a Bluetooth amplifier and nice speakers so it was good and clear.

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