I Remember It All from Before

The Incredible String Band connection

One of the oddities I’ve discovered about this site is that the biggest reason people come here is nothing to do with me! This post about an obscure Mike Heron album from 1970 just happens to be linked from Mike Heron’s Wikipedia page, and a huge amount of my traffic (no that’s not a lot!) comes from there. Incredible String Band fans I guess. The article was one that appeared in my friend Adrian Whittaker’s anthology book Be Glad – An Incredible String Band Compendium, now apparently going for crazy prices on Amazon. (UPDATE: that seems to be just an error, you can get it from Helter Skelter for £16.99!)

I had a look at it the other day as part of this website refit, and discovered some broken formatting and links so I’ve updated it to include links to

I also leapt into Playmoss, the best thing I’ve discovered this year so far, to create a playlist of the songs of mine that I think will appeal most to Incredible String Band fans. I hope so anyway:My best mysterious psych-folk tracks.

(Playmoss allows you to create a mix of Bandcamp, YouTube, Soundcloud tracks – I’ll write more in another post about it.)


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