Introducing … Dexter & Sinister

It must have been well over two years ago when James Whyte and I first discussed doing an acoustics & harmonies cover act. We haven’t exactly rushed into action, but here’s our first video, of Simon & Garfunkel’s Cecilia from The Village this month.

Paul Simon is a great comedy writer – as well as a great songwriter. I still can’t help laughing at the incongruity and innuendo of ‘I get up to wash my face’ in the middle of a pop song.

The rest of our set is heavy on S&G and Beatles but with a few more up-to-date references like Elbow and the Cactus Blossoms.

More to follow!


Can you guess who’s Dexter and who’s Sinister, and why?

3 thoughts on “Introducing … Dexter & Sinister”

  1. I think dexter is right-handed and sinister is left-handed. So that would be Norman (right handed) and James (left handed).

    Victorians thought left handed people were sinister. I learnt that from ‘Victorian Dad’ in Viz comic!

    • Actually it’s because James is left-wing and I’m right-wing. Only kidding, you’re right.

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