Story of a Love in Ten Objects (video)

Here’s a new video for the new album.

About the song

This started life as a songwriting exercise on a weekend in Bridge of Orchy. The first version took about twenty minutes to write and when I played it back to the others I felt myself tearing up. That’s how I knew it was a keeper. There have been a few small lyric changes since that first version, but it’s 90% as it was that day. Reactions when I’ve played it live have been strong, with people saying it had quite an emotional impact on them.

About the video

I don’t like miming to tracks, but I didn’t want this one to be just a solo version, so here I’m singing live to the actual backing track of the song from the CD.

About the album

This song pretty much sets the tone for the album. It feels quite a risky thing to do something so direct and unfunny, but I’m proud of it. You can pre-order it here.

1 thought on “Story of a Love in Ten Objects (video)”

  1. norman, you almost lost me st ‘powerpoint’ (Ha!) but i hung in there. i’m glad i did. you subtly drew me in. i love ‘here’s the cd by brian eno’ and ‘walking backwards into forever’…thanks for sharing

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