Bruce Springsteen – Born To Run

I’ve just finished reading Bruce Springsteen’s autobiography Born To Run. It’s a strong book, as strong as his best songs. That same mix of drama, fervent belief, bluster and a sense of the ridiculous that marks his live show is here in every chapter. Perhaps surprisingly it leaves you with a strong sense of what … Read more

Will The Circle be broken?

Cover of The Circle

SECRETS ARE LIES SHARING IS CARING PRIVACY IS THEFT   These are the slogans of the the eponymous  organisation in Dave Eggers’ The Circle, a Google/Apple/Twitter search and social media outfit run by young Silicon Valley enthusiasts.  Despite the (deliberate) echo of Orwell’s 1984, this organisation doesn’t set out deliberately to be brutal or fascistic. It’s a dystopia created by … Read more

Pete Townshend: Who I Am

I’ve been reading this a little at a time over the last week or two.  It’s a strange one.  Unlike, say Dylan or Keith Richard’s autobiographies, there’s no flamboyant writerly style in this book.  The prose is almost mundane in places, which is surprising given the skill and dedication of its author.  That’s not to … Read more

Thor – at last!

When I was 12, I came across Thor Annual #2 in a local chip shop cum newsagent. I liked all forms of comics but not in any serious way. I’d read some American comics, all DCs like Batman and Superman but only the occasional Marvel and what I’d seen of them just confused me. But … Read more

My visit to the Forth Bridge

Last month I was fortunate to be invited on a tour of the Forth Bridge. After a short briefing by one of the engineers who works on the bridge (“Oh and I have to ask, is anyone afraid of heights?”) I walked with a small group of other visitors to the foot of the North Queensferry cantilever.

(This photo is from

From there a shaky little winch lift took us to the top.

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