Ummm, where was I?

Upcoming gigs for the Invisible Helpers – Out of the Bedroom headline spot Feb 25th and The Listening Room Mar 25th!

Dribbling idiot

Travelling with work is all very fine and well but I’m now realising that two weeks have gone by and I’ve got nothing done in music. Part of the frustration is with myself – but I did have to go – and part because I’m relying on other people for parts of the new recording and they have their own lives to lead.

Some persuasive voices have been telling me a good thing to do would be to gather the best songs from my existing albums onto one and promote that. In fact I have someone who wants to do just that for me, online at least. I’m now wondering if there’s a point in making it a ‘real’ album too.

I’m sure I’m not alone among the Edinburgh scene in feeling that I have good material that hasn’t reached its intended audience; adding more to that – in the form of a new album – may not be the wisest thing to do. Others, who are more prolific, either just keep putting it out, or are happy for their reach to extend to gig audiences and no further. Maybe I’m too precious about it, but I feel like there’s more potential in these songs of mine – some of them at least – and I owe it to them to push them more. Recent positive reviews from the likes of and Jango have boosted my confidence in the material. At the same time, I love the new stuff that few have ever heard and want, er, more than few to hear it. (There are lots of people sitting in Edinburgh bedrooms, pubs and studios, guitars in their hands, thinking the same things. )

Well it won’t be resolved tonight, and it won’t be resolved without decisions being made and money being spent. But now that I’m home, I have to get onto it.

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